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Contingency Plan Written By Bradley Clark

Set in London in the aftermath of 2 nuclear fallouts over europe destroying the majority of london now awash with contamination and underground tunnels filled to the brim with desperation and fear in the build up to the 1st to nuclear deployment forced down to explode on the offshore island Brazil aye. An ancient Babylonian portal is disturbed and activates causing the whole earth to burn in a sporadic rings of nuclear fire knocking out major areas of human activity indirectly. Believing its an attack against them only due to communications being wiped out by star war a project thought to be discontinued since the Reagan era. America is blamed for testing a new weapon without proper intel of the deserted island. With Jerusalem destroyed the remainder of Israelites and Palestinians form together and launch the remainder of the against the west and the east leaving only a few pockets of life left. A prophecy of a burning earth, sunken cities, and the overwhelming stench of death means the builders/Nephilim are destined to rise up to clear the foundation and start a new.

Season 1 covers the life of Gable Jones and Shane Dale in the beginnings of fallouts with flashbacks of their former lifes and glimpses of the politics of a third world war/extinction level event & details the people put in charge of creating the contingency plan.

Factions Season 1

Crawlers: Humans who mainly survive in the shadows known to run on all fours and are exceptional climbers, and have developed immunities to irradiated food and water. Lead by Gable for a short period after their former leader Scrambles is found dead with strange bite marks.

The Stands: a rival group of the crawlers that fight for territory. lead by a former Punk Artist thought to be dead before the fallouts Mr Vicious. Mr Vicious headed a contingency splinter cell in london after being a targeted by the Mob for unpaid debts The Stands have strong military background and Hardly suffer from the radiation on the surface. The Stands have an uneasy relationship with the unpredictable crawlers as both blame the other side for the maulings both not knowing what truly is behind it.

The Fallen: a Mass Mob of survivors that have gone crazy from the change and can be extremely violent and volatile both to outsiders and them selves They have no leader but often hidden within the crowd of ghosts lies a person that speaks the truth.

The Guardians: Steam powered Mechanical Suited soldiers that guard the gardens of importance often Battling the Fallen Underground and search for Water sources to Fuel the Gardens

Boyd-Brothwick: one of 3 Head Scottish Clans lead By the raven of edinburgh. The Clan lives by the motto Confido Qui Conducit (I Trust He Who Leads) a cult like clan with an unknown leader that wears hood covering their face. Their Solider are called The Flock Of Murder.

Crosbie-Dalmahoy:  Live By the motto; I Shall rise again Without fear.  A a defiant warrior clan from Glasgow Lead by Rose of Dundee. A woman who has suffered under the house of Boyd-Brothwick due to her refusal to burn a remaining defiant village refusing to follow her orders from the raven. A mutiny ensues the village is burned and she is court marshaled and sentenced to death. Mr vicious organizes a jailbreak to avenge the death of his brother that lived in the defiant village.  They control the lowlands of scotland a sparse landscape with few water sources. Their Soldiers are Called the Thorns as they protect The Rose.

Graham-Forsyth: Live By The Motto; “Do not forget Troubles are connected with the cross” a neutral clan who survives via trade and repairs. Lead by an “old” married couple collectively known as the Parents and their soldiers are called The Kids as they are essentially teenagers taken in by the parents.

The Nephilm: Believed to be the earths ultimate defense mechanism the nephilm are one of the 1st beings in existence. Hibernating in the core they rise up and destroy everything so things can start again. occasionally they send wanderers out to scout for food often snacking on species they like the taste of. They know no masters, they know no mercy.

The Farm: A man known only as the farmer surrounded by hulk like mutants called the farmers boys that Collects the remains of the countryside and farms them, considering that there no animals near by his meat and milk are strange. However livestock is in abundance from all the tin cans he has.


WYLION’S Lesson Planner

Lesson 1: Understanding the narrative from your character’s perspective.

Your character an extension of what you believe and what we believe them to be in the form of a compromise. Within our narratives we aim to allow for character growth & deliver a good standard of T.V. It may seem irrational from the outside looking in that you know what John from The Guys favourite drinks are, but we are on the inside looking out from tinted windows and what we show is merely a glimpse into the person we are pretending to be.

Take for example a story thread where characters are friends and then pitted against each other. Knowing the history of the characters relationships adds to the subtext. Each either willing to exploit each others weaknesses, not willing to exploit one anothers emotions or one being victimised by the more dominant party as well as the shifts in momentum within these dynamics. Are all down to the core belief of the character put into that situation.  What do they hold dear to them and why, what matters to them what doesn’t.

What would make them go against their agreeable or dark nature?

What situation do the desire?

What situations would they dread?

who wishes them well and who wishes them harm and why?

Some may not be familiar with method acting ie the Stanislavski’s_system or character pathways within the workshop we aim to help you strengthen your craft, as well as get some intense acting for the camera.


The Guys


guys logo

The Guys: A Comic Action Sitcom based in London, following The successes and failures (mostly Failures) of a bunch of guys currently with no superpowers taking on a range of sinister groups, life choices, and one liners that will make Hit Girl blush, Batman laugh, and Professor X Have a Headache.

Message From the Head Writer

Because some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

– Alfred Pennyworth The Dark Knight

Then there are Some who are Oblivious to their importance…..

These Are the Guys you are about to meet. Over the past 2 years we have been stressed and relaxed formulating this crazy narrative where stuff Happens to the guys then in the last 3 months we’ve completely owned the madness we are about to unleash. which is good as the deadline is approaching and we are almost finished…….. the writing…..Oh dear well the good thing is its a journey we wish to embark on.

The Guys are our Friends, our fears & doubts, and other stuff we can not control all rolled into one neat package we can control….not because we are control freaks, its because somebody else has to watch it and love it too.

I’m a firm believer that job satisfaction is more important than money but not more important than food…..although i have often left the computer and murdered the fridge accidentally.

I like the term Word Pimp as to Editor and Making stuff up as to Writing after all its meant to be fun. I never liked titles as they are restrictive, but like I said before somebody else has to watch it and love it too.

As much as my inner hippy hates to admit it Order gets things done a lot quicker…….

as well as doing stuff rather than complaining……

And we need to get things done…….

So instead of killing my inner hippy I’ve given it a consultancy role so expect a mild form of morale compass thrown in once and a while with social commentary from an artist viewpoint occasionally but not too much its a comic sit-com after all….

so without further adieu Here are The Guys in Written conceptual form for information purposes

All The Best
Bradley Clark

Head Writer @ WYLION

The Guys

Origin: Natural Birth
Power Origin: Mono the Mofo (Outer Galactic being here on work experience)

Power Origin Background: Mono the Mofo Working at the Everyman Company Forced to create meta humans for Veronica’s Amazon project. Mono the Mofo needing a reference and a back up plan develops a permanent solution in the form of the 5 guys who fit the bill according to mono the mofo. Which is to both stop the plans of veronica taking over the world and to entertain him too.

However this indirectly causes the universe’s safe mode to malfunction as the gifts exaggerate the users main traits into a super power making them the 1st of their kind as their DNA goes beyond humanity and all irregularities go to the Atlantis (the universes pocket interdimensional holding bay) and then the adventure merely begins

Public opinion: Sways often on the side of pity but loved overall

The guys are a bunch of guys that have absolutely no ability (Ordinary) To the point the lack of ability becomes a superpower (But Not really). Then they get superpowers and the uphill struggle begins

Group Dynamics: Disorderly, dysfunctional lovable, are family in the sense that they alway have an obligation to each of their wellbeing even to past members

Bases: Dave’s House, Double L’s House & the Atlantis Pocket