The List

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The List Written By Bradley Clark & Jermaine Hurley

The List: The List is the Life of Bobb The Caretaker of The Milky Way and Inventor of Laziness. The List of things Bobb’s Done, The list of things to do, and the list of employees that make the cast of in what can only be described as the closest thing to the truth.


The Meaning Of Life by John the Catfish

Our universe as we know it was invented by a group called The Collective aka The Committee. Who are responsible for the milky ways inhabitants. Which is seen as a nursery to the other universes.

Due to it infancy, or constant calamity… its currently running in safe mode where nothing goes completely extinct, as soon as the last two of any kind of thing is sent to the holding bay in Atlantis.

However due to an oversight the last 2 of any species become immortal and sent to the holding bay regardless of what sex is left…..

Resulting in awkward same sex companionships and outer species breeding resulting in human beings being created which essentially every remaining animal from the moment Bobb was given the job crafted in Bobbs frame work. Nobody knows who had the job before only that Billl may of had it at one point

(OK Who the FUCK is BOBB & Who The Fuck Is Billl?!?!)

I’m Getting to that……this stuff is important

Only the 1st and last of any kind can exist in the holding bay at one time….as its the place of destruction and creation and acts as a back up….reset and… prevent another dinosaur style mass suicide….

Theres been alot of them However the Committee like dinosaurs…. (Damn That DRAGON) had 4 versions…..even gave them several planets…Saturn……Uranus…Mars….. several species lost mainly due to a severe design flaw getting out of hand no back ups until Bobb came along…..

The Plan: In order for Humans to survive longer than the dinosaurs Bobb Set Out to invent several religions in hopes that humans will guess theres no such thing or that not all of them can be true

The List: What Bobb has done, what he will do and what he has to deal with when he wakes up….

Factions Editied By Bobb


A badly designed predecessor to humanity often suicidal and anxious due to their high intelligence and inappropriate limbs. The committee was forced to abandon the design after several mass suicides sent them over the celestial budget resource wise…… some remain in the ark constantly threatening to kill themselves know full well they can’t…..How I Love Safe Mode.

The Committee

A group of 12 beings that used to be on mount Olympus that debate the selling points of the Milky Way a new galaxy and potential tourist attraction. They pitch ideas to Me The caretaker then I make their designs reality and add them to the chain. They have dabbled a bit in the life of mortals to make them more interesting but tend not to dabble too much as babying a species causes them to be over reliant. All 12 have 3 forms their real form, an animal form and their    astral projection form….. a form which allows them to speak to a species on their level and not freak them out. Their animal forms are often used in the meeting room so that no major injuries are suffered during debates. and hardly anybody seen their real forms

The Myths

Before I was About there was Beast and Dinosaurs co-existing over the plains of Pangea. Beast such as griffins, minotaurs, Centuars, Dragons, huge Anocondas, krakkens and talking trees The majority of which stay within the ark and cross breed different species to be added to the chain.

The Everyman company

The Everyman company is a fleet of clones sent out into every era of time of human history in order for the plan to follow its course. Often affulent and have the surname Veryman. During your time there are 3 everymen due to the flux of activity over the last 100 years. Everymen cannot die but vanish after 100 years with the memories transferring to the next in line like a passing of a torch

made by Billl  a caretaker twice before me (Person Inbetween really messed things Up to the point i had to reset everything) by doing so he broke the one of the main rules (let them figure it out) in turn he was demoted to scapegoat and is blamed for everything that goes wrong

Places and Objects of Interest by Bobb

Atlantis: Atlantis stands in a pocket between reality and light and becomes visible every 2 thousand years to the naked eye (Naked People) Labelled as the Ark in the Past due to its role after the flood holding 2 of every animal part of the safe mode testing era of man’s cycle (kind of like a fire drill but for a whole planet) also know as the SIB: Space In Between

The Hub: a Place where Everything is made for use sort of like a design garage also doubles up as a place where you can actually get a phone signal.

Holding Bay: a sort of airlock area where new species get transferred to upon creation whether internal, external dropped in or by accident or by joint ventures

The Book: a dimension where rules are made and etched into stone Tablet by Abraham, Mohammed and Jesus just kidding its just My  diary……. which is in a dimension which holds Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham Buddha and Ganesh…so humans go cold turkey of this religion nonsense… Its fairly complicated but fits perfectly on my shelf

Bobb’s Bed: Erm its a four poster memory foam has the most accurate amount of steps to the fridge, toilet and snacks making it proper….snoozy.

The Meeting Room: a Place where I Get told What To Do by small animals that argue amongst themselves.


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