WYLION’S Lesson Planner

Lesson 1: Understanding the narrative from your character’s perspective.

Your character an extension of what you believe and what we believe them to be in the form of a compromise. Within our narratives we aim to allow for character growth & deliver a good standard of T.V. It may seem irrational from the outside looking in that you know what John from The Guys favourite drinks are, but we are on the inside looking out from tinted windows and what we show is merely a glimpse into the person we are pretending to be.

Take for example a story thread where characters are friends and then pitted against each other. Knowing the history of the characters relationships adds to the subtext. Each either willing to exploit each others weaknesses, not willing to exploit one anothers emotions or one being victimised by the more dominant party as well as the shifts in momentum within these dynamics. Are all down to the core belief of the character put into that situation.  What do they hold dear to them and why, what matters to them what doesn’t.

What would make them go against their agreeable or dark nature?

What situation do the desire?

What situations would they dread?

who wishes them well and who wishes them harm and why?

Some may not be familiar with method acting ie the Stanislavski’s_system or character pathways within the workshop we aim to help you strengthen your craft, as well as get some intense acting for the camera.



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