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The Guys: A Comic Action Sitcom based in London, following The successes and failures (mostly Failures) of a bunch of guys currently with no superpowers taking on a range of sinister groups, life choices, and one liners that will make Hit Girl blush, Batman laugh, and Professor X Have a Headache.

Message From the Head Writer

Because some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

– Alfred Pennyworth The Dark Knight

Then there are Some who are Oblivious to their importance…..

These Are the Guys you are about to meet. Over the past 2 years we have been stressed and relaxed formulating this crazy narrative where stuff Happens to the guys then in the last 3 months we’ve completely owned the madness we are about to unleash. which is good as the deadline is approaching and we are almost finished…….. the writing…..Oh dear well the good thing is its a journey we wish to embark on.

The Guys are our Friends, our fears & doubts, and other stuff we can not control all rolled into one neat package we can control….not because we are control freaks, its because somebody else has to watch it and love it too.

I’m a firm believer that job satisfaction is more important than money but not more important than food…..although i have often left the computer and murdered the fridge accidentally.

I like the term Word Pimp as to Editor and Making stuff up as to Writing after all its meant to be fun. I never liked titles as they are restrictive, but like I said before somebody else has to watch it and love it too.

As much as my inner hippy hates to admit it Order gets things done a lot quicker…….

as well as doing stuff rather than complaining……

And we need to get things done…….

So instead of killing my inner hippy I’ve given it a consultancy role so expect a mild form of morale compass thrown in once and a while with social commentary from an artist viewpoint occasionally but not too much its a comic sit-com after all….

so without further adieu Here are The Guys in Written conceptual form for information purposes

All The Best
Bradley Clark

Head Writer @ WYLION

The Guys

Origin: Natural Birth
Power Origin: Mono the Mofo (Outer Galactic being here on work experience)

Power Origin Background: Mono the Mofo Working at the Everyman Company Forced to create meta humans for Veronica’s Amazon project. Mono the Mofo needing a reference and a back up plan develops a permanent solution in the form of the 5 guys who fit the bill according to mono the mofo. Which is to both stop the plans of veronica taking over the world and to entertain him too.

However this indirectly causes the universe’s safe mode to malfunction as the gifts exaggerate the users main traits into a super power making them the 1st of their kind as their DNA goes beyond humanity and all irregularities go to the Atlantis (the universes pocket interdimensional holding bay) and then the adventure merely begins

Public opinion: Sways often on the side of pity but loved overall

The guys are a bunch of guys that have absolutely no ability (Ordinary) To the point the lack of ability becomes a superpower (But Not really). Then they get superpowers and the uphill struggle begins

Group Dynamics: Disorderly, dysfunctional lovable, are family in the sense that they alway have an obligation to each of their wellbeing even to past members

Bases: Dave’s House, Double L’s House & the Atlantis Pocket


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